Alternate Energy Production

New Alternate Energy Production Facility Notice

Beginning on January 1st, 2013, a new notification requirement will go into effect.  This new requirement applies to the owner of an alternate energy production facility which will be attached to an electric transmission or distribution line.  Alternate energy production facilities are defined as solar, wind turbine, waste management, resource recovery, refuse-derived fuel, agricultural crops or residues, or wood burning facilities to generate electricity.

Under this new requirement, the owner of the facility is required to provide written notification to their utility of the intent to construct or install the facility at least 30 days prior to construction.  In the written notice the owner must provide information on the type of facility and the anticipated completion date of the construction.

Heartland Power has put together a form to help with this new requirement.  Click HERE


What is the process for installing a wind turbine?

Before investing in a wind turbine or before connecting it to the grid, the member-consumer should meet with the appropriate Heartland Power Cooperative representatives to gain an understanding of the expectations for both the cooperative and the member- consumer. The member-consumer and Heartland Power Cooperative will work together toward a written agreement, which will address these expectations as well as each party’s responsibilities.  The agreement will also cover the terms and conditions associated with the interconnection, including rates that the cooperative will pay the member-consumer for the power delivered to the grid, insurance requirements and metering requirements, to name a few.  This agreement must be in place before the wind turbine can be connected to the grid.

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