Grain Bin Safety


Safety should always be a priority when you are working on the farm. So before you start building a new grain bin, Heartland Power would like to provide assistance in the planning phase to create a safe environment for everyone working and living around the grain bins. When building or moving a grain bin, plan for specific clearances required by the American National Standards Institute and the State of Iowa.

According to the National Electric Safety Code overhead power lines should be at least 18 feet above the tops of newly erected grain bins. These clearances were established to provide sufficient room for augers, wagons, or grain carts. The code also specifies the distance that power lines must be from the loading and non-loading sides of bins.

Before moving or building a grain bin, contact Dave Low at Heartland Power at 641-713-4965 to help determine the exact distance your facilities need to be in order to be in compliance.


Click on the link below to veiw the PDF diagram.

Clearances Envelope for Grain Bins Filled by Permanently Installed Augers, Conveyors, or Elevators

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