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Welcome to Heartland Power Cooperative; your member-owned energy and service provider.


Are you familiar with an electric cooperative? Maybe this is your first exposure to a cooperative form of business and you may want more information on electric cooperatives.

If you are a new member, you may not be aware of the benefits of belonging to an electric cooperative; or if you've been a member for years, maybe you've missed or forgotten the advantages of being a cooperative member.r.r r

As a member of a cooperative, you are also an owner of your company. You have a voice in the operation of your organization through the elected representatives to the cooperative board of directors. These representatives are your neighbors, and are also directly affected by the decisions made to carry out the business of the cooperative.

As an owner, you will also share in the success of the cooperative through dividends or capital credits. Yes, you receive the dividend based on the business that you've done (electric energy purchased) with the cooperative.

Another benefit that you receive from your electric cooperative is competitive energy costs. The rates and service fees set by your cooperative are cost based, providing you the lowest prices to deliver that service or product. The cooperative also utilizes the buying power of the cooperative membership to provide other product discounts to the membership. Electric water heaters, electric grills, electric heaters, etc. are examples of buying quality electric products in volume to reduce the cost to the cooperative membership. If you haven't taken advantage of these membership advantages, it's time you did.

As a member, you're also a salesperson for your cooperative. Yes, you both sell and buy the electricity from the company you own. Then shouldn't you use the product you sell rather than from a competing energy supplier, such as propane or fuel oil?

You won't find a cleaner, safer or more reliable way to heat and cool your home than with electricity from your member-owned electric cooperative. Today's electric heating and cooling technologies are designed to provide comfortable, clean, and efficient heating and cooling at a price you can afford.

Your electric cooperative has several programs designed to help you reduce your energy costs by utilizing off-peak electricity. From members building a new home and considering a ground source heat pump, to members adding a new addition to their existing home and investigating baseboard heating units - Heartland Power Cooperative has a program for each of you.

In addition to providing you assistance in selecting your new heating and cooling system, your electric cooperative also has rebates to help you reduce your cost of installing your new high efficiency electric system.

One of the greatest assets you have available as a cooperative member is the accessibility to local professionals at your cooperative. Personal service from someone you can trust, that's your electric cooperative.

In addition to your local energy professionals, your cooperative is also part of a larger cooperative organization that provides additional resources from the cooperative family.


Joint Memberships Encouraged for Heartland Power Members

What are the advantages of a joint membership? With a joint membership, either spouse is eligible to serve on the Board of Directors or the nominating committee. Either one or the other may vote at a Cooperative business meeting.

Does a joint membership entitle both the husband and wife a vote for Cooperative business? No. A membership, whether single or joint, has one vote. Either spouse may cast the vote, but the joint membership has only one vote.

What happens to the patronage dividends if either the husband or wife dies with a joint membership? When a husband and wife have a joint membership and one or the other becomes deceased, the membership is still held by the surviving spouse. There is also no paperwork to be done transferring the patronage dividends as they are already in the survivor’s name.

What are the disadvantages of a single membership? In the case of a single membership, if the member becomes deceased, the surviving spouse must take out a new membership. Additional paper work must be completed before the patronage dividends can be assigned to the surviving spouse’s new membership.


View our Membership Application, or call/visit our website. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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