My Meter

MY METERTM is a free and easy tool to track your energy use and save!

MY METERTM translates complex energy consumption, weather and billing data into an intuitive graphical format that is available daily to member-owners of Heartland Power Cooperative.  MY METERTM provides critical energy usage information to allow small business and residential member-owners to better manage and reduce energy costs in their homes and businesses.

Member-owners can log into MY METERTM with their account number, name and email address.

Once logged in Member-owners can:

  • View a graphical representation of daily and monthly usage.
  • Compare monthly usage to other homes served by Heartland Power Cooperative.
  • Have the ability to set "markers" to note energy efficiency upgrades.  For example, when buying a new, energy efficient appliance simply mark the date and MY METER will track how much energy you are saving.
  • Take an "energy challenge" and set an energy savings goal.  The challenge last 6 months and tracks your results in both graphically and tabular fashion.
  • Member-owners with multiple accounts may access them under a single sign on.

Sign up for MY METERTM today.  If you have any questions, contact Heartland Power Cooperative in Thompson at 641-584-2251 or 800-584-9732 or in St. Ansgar at 641-713-4965 or 888-349-2832.

MY METERTM Mobile is now available also!  Access to MY METERTM Mobile is as easy as typing into the browser of a smart phone and logging into your MY METERTM ACCOUNT.

Together We Save