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Your safety is our priority.

Because we care about the safety of you and your family, Heartland Power Cooperative is active in the educating about and promoting electrical safety.


General Saftey Tips

Electrical safety begins with proper wiring. Wiring should be installed and checked by a qualified electrician. Every home should have at least a 100-amp service (200-amp service or larger for homes heated electrically).

  • All appliances and electrical cords should carry approval of the Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) or some other authorized laboratory.
  • Plugs on electrical appliance cords should be the grounded, three-prong type.
  • Check cords for wear, especially at plugs and connections.
  • Keep cords away from heat and water. Do not wrap cords around any metal device or pipe. Keep cords out of the way so people won't trip over them.
  • Never disconnect an appliance by pulling on the cord. Always pull the plug.
  • All convenience outlets should be grounded.
  • Electrical outlets for outdoor use should be weatherproof.
  • Every major appliance should have its own circuit.
  • Do not use or handle appliances if you are wet or are standing on a wet surface. Do not use electrical tools or appliances outdoors if it is raining or is wet.
  • Power tools should have heavy duty, grounded cords.
  • Moisture resistant appliance cords should be used outdoors.
  • Do not operate an electric lawn mower in wet grass.
  • All antennas should be grounded.
  • Teach your children not to fly kites near power lines.
  • Do not touch electrical wires that have fallen . . . they may be energized.
  • Never go inside the fence around a power substation.
  • Never install metal objects, such as CB or TV antennas closer than twice their height to the nearest electric power line.
  • Never use metal elevators, metal irrigation pipes, well digging equipment, metal ladders or other metal equipment near power lines.
  • Make sure every family member knows the location of the main fuses or circuit breaker for the residence and understands how to operate it in case of an emergency.




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