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Kids Coloring Contest

August 4, 2014

Kids Coloring Contest

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Heartland Power's 75th Anniversary is for everyone, including kids!  As part of our celebration and anticipationfor having the Touchtone Energy hot-air balloon at our celebration, we are having a coloring contest of the Touchtone Energy balloon.

Prizes will be awarded.  Age categories are 5 years and under, 6 - 9 years, and 10 - 13 years.  Only one entry per child and only children of Heartland Power members are elegible for prizes.  Entries can be mailed to Heartland Power at PO Box 65, Thompson, IA  50478 & dropped off at the office in St. Ansgar or Thompson or brought to the 75th Anniversary Celebration on Monday, August 4th and turned in at the registration table by 6:00pm. 

Calendar Photo Contest

September 10, 2014

Calendar Photo Contest

Enter your photos in the 2014 Heartland Power Calendar and Member Handbook photo contest.


The rules are as follows:

  1. Limit of two photos submitted per member.
  2. Members must have rights to photo or authorization from photographer to submit photo.
  3. Along with your photos, please include the photographer’s name, the description, and account number, and your email address or phone number.
  4. Do not write on the photo.
  5. Printed photos may be submitted.  Photos will not be returned.  No exceptions.  Photos must be quality studio prints.  Photos printed on home printers or copy machines are not high enough quality to be used in print publications.
  6. Digital photos may be submitted by email to or submitted on a CD.  Digital files should be at least 300 dpi and at least 5” x 7” or larger.  Do not send scanned photos.  Scanned photos are not high enough quality to be used in print publications.

Heartland Power members, directors, employees and their immediate family members are eligible to submit photos.  Members who submit a winning photo will receive a $20.00 credit to their electric bill.  Only members of Heartland Power Cooperative are eligible for the $20.00 bill credit.  All submitted photos become the property of Heartland Power Cooperative and may be used in other publications. 


Submission Deadline: September 10, 2014


Photo Tips

  1.  Be sure your photo is clear and sharp.  Fuzzy photos cannot be made sharp enough for print.
  2. Look at your photo with a critical eye.  Would it be of interested to a wide variety of people?
  3. Make sure that the background of the photo does not detract from the subject of the photo.
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