Security Light Maintenance Program

Heartland Power Cooperative Offers Two Options For Coopeartive Members In Need Of Repairing Their Security Light Repairs:

1. Members who are not on the security light maintenance program can contact Heartland Power to repair their security light and in return be invoiced for the cost of the repair. The cost amount will fluctuate depending on what parts have to be replaced. This works well for members who do not mind paying larger per-instance costs.

2. Members who are on the security light maintenance program can call Heartland Power and have the security light repaired free of any additional charge. Members on the program accept to pay an additional $3.00 fee on their monthly bill. This 3-year agreement works well for members who want to eliminate the necessity of paying larger per-instance repair costs and would prefer to spread this out over time.


Interested in joining the Security Light Maintenance Program? View and/or print the Security Light Maintenance Agreement.